New Blog, Who Dis?

A few weeks ago I read a blog post by Vicki Boykis, “Fix the internet by writing good stuff and being nice to people”, that I found really inspiring. You really should go read it yourself, because it’s worth your time, but the gist is that centralized writing/discussion platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Medium, etc) has taken away one of the things that made the internet great in the first place – quality independent content. I’m always on the lookout for an excuse to write more, and that really fanned the flame. I’m going to write my own (quality?) content! And keep it under my control! Fuck Medium! Viva la 2002!

But what content?

I heard a really good piece of advice once that said “Figure out what you like doing and do it as much as you can.” Two of my favorite things to do are 1) Learning new and interesting things and 2) Teaching people new and interesting things. I try to make a point to learn one new thing every day, but I can only really scratch the “teaching” itch by finding a willing friend on GChat to explain it to. So instead, I’m starting a blog to explain it to the whole internet, although I suspect “the whole internet” will consist of me and anyone I beg to read it. No matter. It’ll still be fun.

I’m sure this will expand into a LiveJournal-style “what I’m thinking about right now” blog, because if I’m using this as an excuse to practice writing, I don’t really want to put any limits on what I’m writing about. I have a hard enough time doing it without over-policing my own subject matter. I hope those will be interesting too, but again, it’s really just an excuse for me to figure out what I actually think.

Now that I’ve got the compulsory and unnecessary intro out of the way…

Let’s blog!